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While I was working 40 hours a week, a black lady came into the office I was working in. The first thing that she said to me is, “go buy you a cell phone.” I just got mine for $1.00. “she bragged.” She drove up in a Lincoln Continential and had just got home from going on a cruise to the Bahamas. She was on Medicaid and guess who was paying for her child’s doctor bill?

Growing up in a litter of five, my sister and I were the only children of color. In fact, my sister was the only other black face I’d ever seen until I was in my late teens. My mother was a small, lily-white woman with dark hair and big brown eyes. Sadly, she was also a spiteful and uneducated racist with a keen hatred for black music, black art, and My mother had many rules of the house. One of those rules was absolutely no music-especially black music-in the home or on the car radio. On the rare occasions that I broke the rule, my mother would come stampeding into the living room and stare directly into my child eyes.

I am by no means a racist or care one way or another how a person is viewed. My personal experience with my friends and family is if you are part African American then you are considered black. My first cousin is mixed and looks like both his parents are black and my son is also mixed and looks like both his parents are white. My family considers them both to be black. I have no problem with this and it doesn’t mean they don’t have a white parent.

The ONLY one (1) thing our Founding Parents Fought & Died to give us was to be FREE. Our Founding Parents wanted for us their Founding Children, to be the exact opposite of the Slaves they knew were not FREE.

We are supposed to be a UNIFIED body of individual beings, Instead we are a DisUnified body of Individualistic and materialistic people. Until the term “Community” is Fully understood, the problems in the black family, home and neighborhoods will continue to deteriorate.

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